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  • lundi 22 avril

  • €7 billion boost for sustainable transport infrastructure (Transport & Environment)
    Efforts to clean up Europe’s transport sector have been boosted by an agreement to spend €7 billion on sustainable infrastructure. T&E says the deal is good news, but says that decision makers have still not grasped the fact that funding fossil gas infrastructure locks us into using a fossil fuel for decades to come. Transport ModeFreightRelated issuesClimate Change and EnergyPolicy areaTransport (...)
  • samedi 20 avril

  • Transparency for public trust ? (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    After the glyphosate scandal, EU reforms data rules on food safety 16.04.2019 EU food safety system Pesticides & GMOs Today, with 603 votes in favour and 17 against, the European Parliament has approved a major food safety reform in the EU. The revision of the EU’s General Food Law Regulation will give the public access to most of the – previously confidential – data provided by food and agribusiness industries when (...)
  • vendredi 19 avril

  • Who’s Really Buying Property in San Francisco ? (The Atlantic)
    Updated on April 19 at 1:28 p.m. ET. There has never been a town like the one San Francisco is becoming, a place where a single industry composed almost entirely of rich people thoroughly dominates the local economy. Much of the money that’s been squished out of the rest of the world gets funneled by the internet pipes to this little sliver of land on the Pacific Ocean, jutting out into the glory of the Bay. The city now sits atop a geyser of cash created from what the scholar Shoshana (...)
  • jeudi 18 avril

  • Palm oil is not a green fuel, says EU (Transport & Environment)
    The use of palm oil in diesel will be gradually reduced from 2023 and should reach zero in 2030, the European Commission has decided. Though some exemptions will remain, palm oil will no longer be counted as a green fuel to meet the EU’s 2030 renewable energy targets as it causes deforestation. T&E said the labelling of palm oil as unsustainable is a milestone in the fight to recognise the climate impact of burning food for energy. Transport ModeFuelsRelated issuesClimate Change (...)
  • mercredi 17 avril

  • What if we treated our oceans like they matter ? (Greenpeace International)
    The seas provide half of our oxygen, and food for a billion people. Let’s give them the protection they deserve. Under the restless surface of our seas, hundreds of miles from land, there’s a world of giants and hunters ; ancient lifeforms and lost cities. These waters beyond national borders are home to creatures even more varied than in the tropical rainforests. They contain the highest and longest mountain range anywhere on our planet, and trenches deep enough to hold Mount Everest. (...)
  • mardi 16 avril

  • Human Drugs Are Polluting the Water—And Animals Are Swimming in It (The Atlantic)
    What impels small salmon, called smolts, out of their nursery brooks to the ocean ? Across thousands of miles, the fish transmogrify from fingerlings into trollish adults—hook-jawed, toothy, and, in the case of many males, humpbacked. Though reversing the journey does not rescind their metamorphosis, the big fish famously return, waggling against currents, vaulting over dams, and pushing together, like a blade, toward the very gravel beds where, years earlier, they hatched. The salmon (...)

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